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all you need to know about alterations 

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“When do I schedule my alterations appointment?”-If you feel a cleaning is necessary, GET THE DRESS CLEANED FIRST!!! Any damage or shrinking incurred by dry cleaning can be fixed in the alterations department. We have suggestions for specialty cleaners at the front desk. Appointments for a sample dress start 8 weeks before your event date. This timeline ensures your weight will stay stable and the fit won’t have to be readjusted as your date approaches. Any additional appointments needed due to weight loss/gain will incur additional charges.

“How many appointments are necessary?”-Typically, sample dress refits are slightly more complicated projects due to a few factors, such as: the dress is several sizes too small or too big, significant design changes are requested or the gown needs major repair work. 3-5 appointments are normal. We will bring you back as many times as needed to make your dress perfect. Any additional appointments per your request will result in additional charges.

“What do I bring to my alterations appointment?”-BRING YOUR SHOES! Bring your shoes to every appointment you have. Bring any shapewear/ undergarments as well. If you are interested in a big design change, such as a custom sleeve or new neckline shape, come prepared with reference photos too!

Additional info:- Bridal tailoring is a niche and requires a specialized skill set. Your average neighborhood dry clean/tailoring operation is unfamiliar (and typically unwilling) to work on delicate laces, beaded fabrics, multi layered and corseted gowns. Disasters can happen & this is an area where you DEFINITELY get what you pay for. Our expert fitter/designer, Jessica, and our longtime seamstress, Maria, are both professionals who have over 20 years experience in this couture realm.

- Even when a gown is “your size”, YOU WILL STILL NEED ALTERATIONS. Almost every bride needs a hem adjustment , waistline/side seam adjustment, bra cups and bustles. It's extremely rare to have a perfect fit right off the rack.

- Typical bridal alteration cost of a sample dress (for full repair & fit) is between $500-$1100, averaging around $800.

- In addition to basic repair/fit work, design changes may be requested such as a custom made sleeve, a raised or lowered neckline, appliqués added to veil, etc. These additional aesthetic changes can add between $125-$700 extra onto basic alterations costs

Alterations DISCLAIMER: The choice to alter your dress for a better fit is a personal one. You are not obligated to make changes if you don't think they are necessary. Some changes, however, affect your safety in the dress, like raising a hem to avoid tripping. If you decide to start your alterations journey with The Dresser, we strongly prefer you defer to our expertise during the process.

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