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Meet The DResser Babes 

Anna Tsirtsis

Owner​ & Life Of The Party

Ever since I was a little girl I remember having these crazy ideas. I always knew what I wanted to do and then I just did it.

Born and raised in a Greek family…need I say more?! HA! My words and heart can’t tell you how lucky I am for the family I have. Married for 43 years, my loving parents raised me to believe anything is possible! There is not a moment in my life I recall them not telling me to follow my heart! “The skies the limit honey” and with that I truly believe it!

My first and greatest accomplishment is being a Mommy to two larger than life kids! My son and daughter have taught me there is no greater love than the love for your child! I only wish love, happiness, passion and health for them eternally!!


I've always had a passion for beauty fashion and interior design. I went to beauty school and signed the lease for my very own salon a week before graduating! Shampoo Cocktails Beauty lounge in Aliso Viejo was born in 2004.

Six years later I was bridal dress shopping in the OC. In the dressing room I said, “Mom, why do I not have a bridal store?!” I was shocked at the lack of experience in one of the most exciting days of my life! Six months later, I opened Blush.  I remember cold calling designers to try to get them in my store...haha! It wasn’t long before Blush became an overnight success. It was my mission to give brides the experience of a lifetime!


I was incredibly lucky to have my sweet brother, Tasos, who was loved and connected in the wedding industry. He guided me to some of the best wedding professionals in Orange County. Sadly, soon after we lost my brother to leukemia. I then took a step back after 5 successful years in the bridal industry to breathe, help raise his 3 children, and support my family however I could.

Three years later, through a mutual friend,  I met Marianne, who was the original founder and creator of The Dresser! We became close friends that shared many passions and loss. Today I’m so honored and proud to own The Dresser! I’m devoted to carrying on a legacy that Marianne worked on for 30 years! I hope to inspire people to follow their dreams and always remember the hardest things in life are meant to teach us a valuable lesson.

Live every moment. Laugh every day. Love beyond words.



Bella Gonzalez
Bridal Stylist/Manager
&  Social Media Queen
Cami Monarch
Bridal Stylist & Adventurer 
Savannah Maldonado
Bridal Stylist &  Shopaholic 
Samantha Vick
Bridal Stylist & Book Worm

Libby Hussung
Bridal Stylist & Fitness Girl

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