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Store Policies & Terms of Service

  •  All sales are final. No cancellations, exchanges or credit allowed on any merchandise. 

  • Merchandise must be paid in full within 15 days of notification that your order has arrived. Final payments on items taken from the store will only be accepted in cash, money order, debit or credit card. No Checks. 

  • Your size has been selected by comparing your current measurements to the designer’s standard size chart. The Dresser is not responsible for weight loss or gain. 

  •  The Dresser does not have control over delays in production and shipping by the designers.

  •  If needed, an alterations appointment can be scheduled for items purchased from The Dresser. Alterations and pressing will be at an additional cost(s). 

  • Alterations range from $300-700 but can exceed due to custom changes. 

  •  Dye lots, laces and fabrics may vary and cannot be guaranteed by The Dresser or designer. 

  • Custom cut hems can vary up to an inch and will be affected by shoe heel or platform sole height. Adjusting the shoe heel/platform height may be required. In the event your dress arrives with any issues other than ordered in the original purchase order contract, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to correct and or the dresser bridal in this case. It does not null or void any terms of the contract. We cannot always guarantee manufacturing issues but we will make it right. 

  •  The Dresser can store your wedding gown at an additional charge of $5.00 per day. Storage costs will begin to accrue on the 16th day after notification that your gown has arrived and balance is due. 

  •  All fittings, pickups, photographs and dress try-ons are by appointment only and can only be scheduled for weekdays. We are not able to accommodate for weekends NO EXCEPTIONS.

  •  The Dresser is not responsible for merchandise fit or condition once it has left our salon. 

  •  All changes regarding this contract must be made in writing by fax, email or postal mail and must include your signature. Changes cannot be made over the phone. 

  •  All payments must be made in person, by mail or through a credit card authorization form. The Dresser will not accept payment by telephone. 

  •  A $50.00 return check fee will be charged for any bank returned checks and further check payments will not be accepted. 

  •  The liability of The Dresser for any failure to supply the article or articles as ordered by the wear date, regardless of the cause, is limited to the refund of funds paid to The Dresser by the purchaser. 

  •  All wedding gown orders placed have a standard flat shipping fee of $150. 

  • Any rush orders range from 10-20% of the gown. (set per the manufacturer)

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Credit card Authorization form 

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Store Policies

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